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Phrases you might catch me using in my posts – South African lingo 101
Please do note the point about the rugby *ahem* 😀

Safaboet's Blog

Before we get started I would just like to say that I am proud to be a Safa (South African) and although I have a very dry British sense of humour, I do talk and think like a Safa at times. So here are a few South African colloquialisms, personal points of view and tit bits for any of you that may not get the gist of what I’m saying or where I’m coming from:


  • South Africa: it’s a country, not a general area in Africa and no Mr American I don’t believe I have met your mate George from Kenya.
  • I don’t hate black people but there are a few I will make an exception for, Robert Mugabe, Julius Malema and my high school science teacher being obvious examples.
  • We call traffic circles round abouts
  • South Africa is not all that backwards, mofies (also known as being ‘of the…

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