Lion Love

I was so close to these white lions, I did not even have to zoom my camera in.
He was so enamoured with his lady love that he was lovingly licking her while she was lapping it up! When he was done, they fell asleep and he put his arm around her! Awww….

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

4 thoughts on “Lion Love

  1. Neon Fish

    oh my goodness, they are so incredibly gorgeous. yes, ‘garden of eden’ days must’ve been blissful to have lived with animals like this in perfect peace! so how close do you live to a white lion reserve? i actually named my other cat Timbavati (Timba for short) because he looked like a little white lion as a kitten, and from the Timbavati lion reserve. incredibly big cats:)

    1. horsesofthesun Post author

      Aww that’s a cute name! 😀
      We have a few but this particular one is 40 minutes from my house. I had the awesome pleasure playing with a white lion cub a few years ago. They’re simply stunning


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