A great way to wake up!

sleeping beauty


My favourite way to wake up! My cat, Nebraska, runs up to me when my alarm goes off, pulls away the blankets, climbs in and snuggles up. And often uses my arm as a pillow 😀

15 thoughts on “A great way to wake up!

  1. Sonel

    Adorable! That is such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Simba would sleep by my feet but in the middle of the night or early morning he would come and snuggle in behind my back. These furries are just the best. Great shot Woolly! 😀

      1. Sonel

        And here I was still under the impression I am on Woolly’s blog..hahahaha. Duh me! But anyways, I just love your photo’s! Unfortunately I do not have any kitties. The only kitty I have here is my little lion king and he snores, not purrs. hehehehehe

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