Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 2

For Michelles Second Weekly Pet Challenge I have decided to introduce you to my morning academic coffee buddy. Academic, because I work at a University and my buddy has quite an expressive vocabulary.

I work on the top floor of my building, and almost every day I have an Egyptian goose fly up to my window. I have taken it upon myself to name him Jake. He looks like a Jake.
Jake is blady cheeky. He knocks on my window loudly with his beak demanding to be let in. And when I don’t, he shouts at me! I don’t know any goose swearwords but I know he swears! Typical South African. But I look forward to this cheeky banter every morning 🙂

Jake Jake1

9 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 2

  1. Al

    How fascinating. You really do have a “wing man” at work don’t you?

    The rest of your site is equally fascinating as well. What a beautiful country you live in. It must be exhilarating communing with all of God’s creatures like that.

    Looking forward to more up close and personal pictures as you meander through the wilds of Africa. And thanks for visiting my site.

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