Padkos and Beaches

I have arrived at the sea with my feet nestled in beach sand! My husband won a competition through work- a week’s holiday at the coast, free accommodation!

We left at 4am and the trip got off to a rough start- the worst highway in the world resides in South Africa. The infamous N3 that claims lives every damn day. So there was a massive accident and they closed the whole highway. How inconvenient. Which means we had to detour and travel on this hideous farm road for an hour until we got back onto the highway. How inconvenient. Dust was our view the entire time. At least I saw a teeny tiny calf that had just been born!

But at least we have ‘padkos’- an Afrikaans term for snacks while traveling. As a South African, not having biltong on board is unpatriotic.

So I’m lapping up our sunny skies and 30 degree C weather! Until next time! 🙂

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