Buzz Word Bingo!

Ugh! I detest meetings! They are the bane of my existence. There is just something about academia that has this insatiable need to have meetings. All. The. Time. Oh, and not only are they at least 3 hours long, nothing ever comes of them! And I don’t think it’s just South Africa, because someone who works at a University in the States complained to me about the exact same thing! I am so relieved it’s Friday. Meetings, voetsek!

I really was NOT in the mood for meetings this week. One of the Managers suggested I try make as many words with the word hippopotamus. Here is my handiwork. Maybe I could have made more words, but I had to pretend that I was listening now and then:



Another Manager gave me a sheet called “Buzz Word Bingo” where you get to tick off as many words on the sheet as you can. I shall be using it for the next meeting. Feel free to use it if you hate meetings as much as I do:

Meeting Bingo

13 thoughts on “Buzz Word Bingo!

  1. hugmamma

    I too hate…absolutely hate…meetings. I’ve sworn off meetings for a couple of decades. Easier for me than you…I’m a housewife. I even hated PTA or volunteer meetings when my daughter was in school…too much talking…not enough action. So know there is one person (although I’m sure there’s tons…everywhere) who totally, totally…sympathizes. 😦

      1. ladyofthecakes

        I can imagine!
        Reminds me of a game I used to play with my friend in a local cafe on Sunday afternoons. We had a long list with all sorts/types of people to tick off. It was VERY non-PC in parts, and highly entertaining 😉

      2. horsesofthesun Post author

        When I lived in the States I would take photos of all the weirdos on subways! Was awesome lol! My sister lives in London at the moment and she also takes her fair share of subway weirdos haha

  2. JulyWrites

    I hate meetings with a fiery passion. Most of the time my mind starts wandering off and I start day dreaming about being anywhere but in that meeting room. Its always quite awkward when mid daydream my boss turns and asks me a question and I have no idea what people have been talking about.


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