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Lingering Look at Windows: The Brass Bell

I came across Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows and decided to participate because 1. who doesn’t like a fun challenge? and 2. one of my favourite windows resides right in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. It comfortably sits in a restaurant called The Brass Bell, which is literally in the sea. Once during a super bad thunderstorm, eels landed up in the restaurant that they had to fish out! 😀

The restaurant has been operating for 60 years and is one of South Africa’s favourite places to eat. Understandably so- these windows get to enjoy breathtaking and panoramic views of the ocean all day! Definitely one of my favourite places to enjoy seafood!

window window2

New Picture

This particular image not my own – belongs to The Brass Bell

Daily Prompt: Thank You

I’m thankful for living a life that is surrounded by breathtaking views

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa