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African Lion Cub

So incredibly sad and tragic



The first time I read the story below was on Steve Morvell’s FaceBookpage.  Steve asked all FB readers to share the story and with Steve’s permission it has been reproduced below.

Please take time to read. 


Steve Morvell

Thursday, September 12, 2013


‘A story with no ending – African lion cub’


Picture painted by S. Morvell


This story has no ending.

The tiny lion cub shown clinging precariously to its fallen log perch is real. He is around 10 weeks old. He lived in Northern Kruger national park.

It is a real story based on actual events but has no obvious conclusion. I needed to share it with you since that way at least it will have some meaning.

I had by chance happened upon this little guy one afternoon, crouching among dry grass in a feeble attempt to hide. He was alone and very upset…

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Video of Thandi – the rhino who survived being poached but who still trusts humans

Beautiful 🙂

As I wrote previously, Thandi survived a brutal poaching but has defied the odds and recovered. Despite the terrible attack on her, she has not lost her trust in humans. Look how she comes right up to the vehicle before ambling off. What a survivor!

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Brave Thandi gets the better of rhino poachers

One of the horrors we deal with on a daily basis

UPDATE: Thandi gave birth to a baby rhino yesterday at 8.50am. The little one may have to have its horn removed as a pre-emptive measure if the poaching problem continues to increase, although often the poachers take revenge on these ones despite them having no horn to remove. Read the nature reserve’s report of the birth

Read Thandi’s story below.



South Africa has a terrible incidence of rhino poaching. There are sites with statistics but I find them too depressing reading. Up to 9 rhinos a day are killed for their horn, which is then sold on the black market in Asia for more money than gold. It is (falsely) believed to cure cancer, beat impotence and all kinds of ailments plus bring luck. One rhino horn can sell for a quarter of a million US dollars in Vietnam.

The numbers of rhino being killed is rising substantially…

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