The little tornado that couldn’t

We don’t get tornadoes here in South Africa, but yesterday there was a suspicious looking cloud hovering above my house when it rained. It looked like one tried to form. I could see it from the highway and it had a much stronger funnel, but it had pretty much dissipated by the time I got to my house 15 minutes later. Haha, shame, I call it the little tornado that couldn’t. 😀




Macro Monday: Butterflies and a Royal Caterpillar

I adore butterflies. There aren’t so many of them around like when I was little, and I blame the eighties. I remember when I was small, the uneducated trend of catching butterflies, killing them and placing them in frames disturbed me.
I visited Butterflies for Africa in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and I fell in love with this little guy. He looks like royalty in those splendid green and gold colours!

caterpillar caterpillar1

It was a pleasure to get to see so many butterflies up close. I also saw a gorgeous glass winged butterfly but battled to capture him 😦








And to end it off, their coffee shop rocks! How is this awesome sandwich, I just had to show you – cheese, tomato, avocado and pepperdews (a South African sweet piquanté pepper) with a sweet chilli sauce on a French loaf. Ahh, pepperdews. My reason for being! I had no shame in devouring the entire thing. By myself.


Buzz Word Bingo!

Ugh! I detest meetings! They are the bane of my existence. There is just something about academia that has this insatiable need to have meetings. All. The. Time. Oh, and not only are they at least 3 hours long, nothing ever comes of them! And I don’t think it’s just South Africa, because someone who works at a University in the States complained to me about the exact same thing! I am so relieved it’s Friday. Meetings, voetsek!

I really was NOT in the mood for meetings this week. One of the Managers suggested I try make as many words with the word hippopotamus. Here is my handiwork. Maybe I could have made more words, but I had to pretend that I was listening now and then:



Another Manager gave me a sheet called “Buzz Word Bingo” where you get to tick off as many words on the sheet as you can. I shall be using it for the next meeting. Feel free to use it if you hate meetings as much as I do:

Meeting Bingo

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

I work on the top floor of my department and the view from my window is pretty cool, especially in summer, when the green ground meets with blue sky. The colours are awesome together!

office window

This is the building opposite mine, that I never fail to stare at when I walk past. I have never been much of a fan of ivy on buildings. There was this one particular house when I was little that was completely covered in ivy and my mom used to tell us that a witch lived there. So it put me off, understandably so. 😀 But I think the ivy lining these windows is so pretty. No witches here! (Okay, maybe some staff members definitely qualify)

ivy window

Lingering look at Architecture: University of the Witwatersrand

I agree with Dawn that Universities have some of the most beautiful architecture around! When I lived in Boston, I would gladly take in all the architecture at Harvard University. Now I have the pleasure of working among such architectural beauty.
This is my office:



I’ve been here for a little while and still get enamoured by its beautiful architecture. The pillars are iconic for this University and my favourite part







Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Candid Shots

Cee has another fun challenge – candid shots!
I’ve always found my best candid shots come from taking photos of my daughter, who does some cute, but also odd things at times.

Here is one of her playing on the beach. I anticipated her jumping off the rock so caught it just in time:



This guy was selling sunglasses on the beach and I was so impressed with the cool way he carried them in an old surfboard, I just had to capture it:



Contrary to what you may believe, this guy was not posing for the camera. I caught a snap while hearing him explain to his buddy how he’s full-time pineapple, part-time beach bum:


So, a donkey walks into a bar and orders a Coke…




There is this cute to-die-for family bar in Ramsgate, called Pistols Saloon – which is in the South Coast of South Africa. It is a Western Cowboy themed bar, with its own Wild West Museum.
But the best part is their resident donkey, Huckleberry!  I don’t drink but I had to go to see him. Animals always attract me. He just roams on in whenever he feels the need to drink Coca Cola out of the can, munch on carrots and receive adoring pats and rubs from the patrons. Isn’t he adorable? 



What I really like is that the owners are animal-friendly conscious:



?????????? DSCN0640  DSCN0641   ??????????

View from the outside area

View from the outside area

Resident Kitty

Resident Kitty



Out of the mouths of babes

After a sun-filled day at the beach, we relaxed in front of the TV with a cup of coffee. An advert for shampoo (‘we viciously test on animals but you’re worth it, shampoo!’) came on and the woman in the ad had long, luxurious and shiny black hair.

I said to my 5 year old daughter, “Wow, she has beautiful hair right?”
“You have that hair Mommy!” she lovingly exclaimed.

Just as the advert was nearing its end, she innocently stated, “Oh no wait Mommy, you don’t. I just heard the man say soft hair…..”