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Out of the mouths of babes

After a sun-filled day at the beach, we relaxed in front of the TV with a cup of coffee. An advert for shampoo (‘we viciously test on animals but you’re worth it, shampoo!’) came on and the woman in the ad had long, luxurious and shiny black hair.

I said to my 5 year old daughter, “Wow, she has beautiful hair right?”
“You have that hair Mommy!” she lovingly exclaimed.

Just as the advert was nearing its end, she innocently stated, “Oh no wait Mommy, you don’t. I just heard the man say soft hair…..”

“White” Weddings

New Picture

We went away on a quick weekend break this weekend. The venue we stayed at focuses on catering for a lot of weddings. Two weddings took place, and my toddler was very excited to go down and see the bride and all the pretty dresses. I had commented that the one wedding was very plain as everything was just white and had incorporated no other colours or elements.

We got to the hotel’s restaurant quite early Saturday evening, so there was only one other black family sitting down and eating. My daughter was hoping that the wedding party would make their way to the restaurant too, but when I told her they were in another venue, she complained at the top of her lungs,

“But where are all the WHITE people??”

Knowing she meant the “plain white wedding” party, did not stop me from wanting the ground to open up and swallow me whole! Cringe-worthy moment! Thanks kiddo!